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In Mulege now... Well here he is! The crazy Irishman named Sean that shipped a Honda Cub 50 to Alaska and is riding it all the way to South America - see

On the way into Mulege on the highway I was racing the sunset and I bet I experienced something Sean has not on his 50cc Cub, and that is this... as I was cruising along Hwy 1 at 85 mph (in a 60 mph zone), now I'm assuming the Cub cannot go 85 mph!!!
Anyhow I was going pretty damn fast and I noticed a black and white car slowly catching me in my mirrors. Pretty soon I realized it was a Federali and he pulled up right behind me all the way into town. Though people have said they don't care about how fast you drive, I have also met people who have gotten speeding tickets from them. Well I admit my heart was pounding a little bit and though I slowed down as I got into Mulege and pulled off the highway down main street, I can say I was very relieved when they did not follow me.