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'07 BMW G650 XCountry

Mod: Waterproof the Dashboard.

Revised: 3/23/2015

Ok maybe not water PROOF but a vast improvement, so water RESISTANT.
This is not my own mod but rather was published on AdvRider by Dutchgit, and copied here with permission. Thanks!
I have added my own major edits to it with the [Edit]: prefix.

The X range might suffer from check lights switching on and off at random or not function at all among possible other happenings that relate to the dash.
You can do a fix for this if your dash is still functioning okay or only has an intermittent fault every now and then. Same dashboard is in the XChallenge.

[Edit]: This IS electronics so don't mishandle it and zap it with an electrostatic discharge (google "ESD") while you are touching the electronic printed circuit board (like don't shuffle your feet across the carpet or take your fleece vest off before you touch it! :) Place it on a surface that cannot collect a charge and also touch something grounded to discharge yourself before you touch the PC board ... Better safe than sorry!

This is a description of the proceedings:

Take out the four screws of the bottom cover. Note that the upper most have a Metric thread and the bottom two are more like a wood screw:

You will then see the wiring loom which is held in by three cable ties (circled)
The multiplug can be undone by pulling it whilst pressing the little tab on top (arrow):

Undo the three screws (arrows) and pull the dash free and out of its holder. Take care not to loose the washers:

Undo the six screws that keep the top and bottom together (some might be hidden under a sticker).
Gently pull the halves apart and take care not to loose the two white pins in the 2nd picture. The pins press the actual switches for "mode" and "set":

The signs for the check lights may come off. Glue it in place whilst re-assembling later:

Take the plastic off that "guides" the light from the circuit board by removing the three screws on the back (arrows):

Mask the multiplug:

And mask the LCD screen top and sides. (Also mask the two switches (not done yet in this picture). There is no need to mask the LED's or anything else ([Edit]: If you use a clear spray):

[Edit]: Check the circuit boards and clean up any visible electrical leakage paths ("tracking") you might see if you have any suspicious symptoms. Then be sure the surface is dry and clean from grease as much as possible before spraying the conformal coating product to seal it.
Spray it with Plastik 70 or a similar product that protects and insulates circuitry. Best ask in a good electronics shop. [Edit]: European product:

[Edit]: In the US I would use the product from CRC called Urethane Seal Coat P/N# 18411 in clear. From Amazon. Or any conformal coating that says non-conductive or high dielectric properties, for electronics:

Leave it to dry (spray and let cure at room temperature) and re-assemble everything in reverse order and you're done!

You can put some silicon grease between the mating surfaces of the two halves to prevent water ingress. Or maybe put some tape over the seam.

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