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'07 BMW G650 XCountry

Mod: Install a Sportech windshield:

In picking a windshield/windscreen I wanted one that was small enough to not spoil the sporty look of the bike but big enough to provide protection.
As I looked more and more I realized I was too used to my big cruiser bike with it's huge Memphis Fats windshield, and I reluctantly gave up on big and decided to just get a smaller one and wear a full coverage helmet with it.

I also wanted it to be a safe screen that would not shatter (and slice off my head :), which for me meant it should be polycarbonate and not acrylic. What caught my eye was this video from National Cycle demonstrating polycarbonate vs. acrylic safety, incredible stuff! (also on YouTube)
Finally it would be a plus if the screen was easily removable so you could ride on the highway to the destination then remove it for riding off road loops from camp, etc. On rough 4WD roads you are almost guaranteed that any decent size windscreen will eventually whack you in the face (helmet) at some point, so it must be removed.

My Top Windscreen Choices:

The Sportech cruiser windscreen 65502012 may be made for chromed out cruisers but it fit my needs perfectly. Too bad it has so much chrome!
Now the tricky part is that it comes made for 1" or 1.25" bars but our bars are 1.125", so you buy the 1.25" and use rubber inner tube strips inside the handlebar clamps.




? How is the turbulence or wind buffeting?
Well I'd say with my Shoei Hornet DS dual sport helmet I don't notice any problem at all, no turbulence that bounces my helmet and causes difficulty with vision or noise on the helmet.
The wind line is around the middle of my shield and I am 5'10" tall. So of course there is more turbulence than if there was no windscreen at all, but I find it just about right.
On my cruiser bike with a big Memphis Fats windshield, I wear a half helmet and it is comfortable, but if I wear a full helmet there is too much turbulence and noise.
On this BMW with the Sportech there is way too much wind to wear my half helmet comfortably, but my DS helmet is comfortable as the wind is much cleaner.

The position of this windshield leaves a gap above the headlight which I took advantage of by adding a number plate bag from I use it for off road trips to carry a tool wrap, tube, and hand pump. It mounts with 6 straps and is very secure:
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