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Snooker's GPS Page: General Map Info and Garmin Montana (also 60CSx)


Free GPS Maps:
Garmin Branded Maps: Other Map Companies:

Newer Garmin Info (Montana and Basecamp)

Terminology: Garmin GPS Buying Advice - Routes vs. Tracks, Best Models, Maps (12/2012):

Garmin Montana 600 / 650 Info: Garmin BaseCamp Usage (could be Montana centric):
GPX Files - Syntax and Explanation:
Sometimes you can learn a lot in how routes are constructed if you create a GPX file and look at it: Bluetooth HW for Montana:

Older Garmin Info (60CSx and MapSource)

Garmin 60CSx Info:
How to use Garmin MapSource:
GPS Misc: SW tools, Discussions on Tracks, etc:
Advice copied from a post somewhere:
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