Mexico High School - Class of 1974

25th Reunion - July 10, 1999

More Photographs Below!

Greetings Fellow '74 Classmates!

I didn't take that many pictures, but below are some low resolution photos that were taken on July 10, 1999 during our 25th reunion. On behalf of us out-of-towners, I'd like to thank everybody who worked on it - nice place, good food, fun music, and best of all -- good friends -- I had a good time! We voted to have another one in 2004, and Keith Oser is our fearless leader once again, so plan to be there!

A note on the above photo: It was taken with the sun right behind the building so unfortunately it is a tough shot to take and I had to use a flash - so for those of us with glasses there is a nice reflection covering our eyes. I retouched the photo to change the sky from washed out white to blue. Also, it is low resolution so it would be fast to download (48kb) and is fine for viewing from your computer but not really adequate for printing. However I do have a very high resolution group photo like the above one if anyone is interested but it is VERY BIG and slow if you are on a modem!!! -- download MHS99.jpg (477kb)

If you would like me to mail you a high resolution photo file or an 8x10 photo print for just the cost of the paper ($1), plus shipping ($3), or if you want to see all of the pictures I took, please just send me an email: and let me know. Or drop me a line anyhow if you get time!

Somebody was nice to me and grabbed my camera and took pictures of me - so I'm sorry but a bunch of these photos below have yours truly in them :)

Just click on a link below to see the photo...


Matt Snook

Loveland, Colorado

More Photos:

About 30k each (vs. 48k for above photo):