Matt Snook and Anne Dittmar

Archie, the Tractor

Archie is a 1955 Ford Workmaster 631 and is named after A.F. Playter, Matt's grandfather and a great guy. Matt claims that he learned how to drive when driving this tractor out in a hayfield on Archie's farm.

Matt, the Tractor Mechanic

Well, since 1996 when Matt got Archie, a few problems have surfaced. It got to the point where the fuel line, sediment bowl and carburetor were clogged, and the fuel tank was all rusted and missing a filter screen. As a result, Archie would not run at all.

Finally Matt decided to take off all of Thanksgiving week 2000, during which he dismantled all the pieces, cleaned the fuel tank and carb, got a new fuel valve and screen for the tank, added 2 in-line fuel filters, cleaned the 40 years of grease off of the head, and now Archie runs great!!! Even though it took most of the week, it was definitely a labor of love. Matt also replaced the fuel gauge, light switch, and added a rear work light and a new seat cover.

I'm sure you want to see what it looks like to dismantle Archie, so here are some pix.

Digital cameras are great to take a picture of something (like a carburetor) before you take it apart, so you can put it back together again later!

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