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'07 BMW G650 XCountry

Mod: Install better Skid Plate, Engine Guard, Oil Plug, Case Saver, Extenda Fender, Radiator Crash Bar, Highway Footpegs

There are several mods on this page, so here is an index you can click on:

BMW Skid Plates and Engine Guard

First I replaced the plastic OEM XCountry skid plate with a used aluminum XChallenge OEM skid plate. I had it powder coated black for under $30 at my local powder coater.
Upon installation, I really didn't like how the oil line running from the rear of the engine was so exposed, concerned about some of the extreme 4WD rocky roads I was going to be on.

A look at the BMW XCountry vs. the BMW XChallenge skid plates. Attach loosely on the front then use a floor jack to help align the rear bolt holes.

This is a look at the XChallenge plate and it's lack of coverage of the oil line. Also notice how the oil drain plug hangs below it, this has proven very vulnerable on other's XChallenges.

I also installed a set of BMW Engine Guards, part no. 71607706067, for $127:

Scheffelmeier Skid Plate

At this point I decided to get a really serious skid plate. A couple of choices include one from Hyde Racing, and a couple from Touratech including this small one.

In the end I chose one made by Stephan Scheffelmeier in Germany. Here is his website.
I chose the style MSG650X-SB (actually was MSG650XCOSB on his old website) that has cutaways on the sides to be compatible with SW Motech crash bars, in case I want to install them later (which I did, below). Currently he only takes orders to the US by email, but he also agreed to anodize it black.
At the time (2010) I paid 134 for the skid plate, 30 for anodizing, and 34 for shipping to the US... all prices are in Euros!
Here are comparison pics of the XCountry, XChallenge and Scheffelmeier skid plates. You can see how great Stephan welds and how strong the design is:

The Scheffelmeier MSG650XCOSB installed, and a look at how much better the oil line is protected.

This inspires confidence in rocky places, like in the Colorado Rockies near Telluride!
But an unexpected save - take a look at how valuable it was when my swingarm snapped on the LA Barstow To Vegas ride - the entire bike sat down on the skid plate a couple hundred yards until the bike came to a stop!

The BMW engine guards do not fit over this massive skid plate, so I sold them along with the XChallenge skid plate.

Touratech Engine Oil Drain Plug

While the skid plate was off, I also installed the $18 low profile Touratech engine oil drain plug as shown here:

The disadvantage of this plug is that it does not have a magnet in it to collect metal debris. Though some have said the OEM oil plug does not hang down below the Scheff skid plate, I have found this is not the case on mine, so I use this low profile plug.

Scheffelmeier Case Saver

I also bought the engine case saver (sprocket cover) from Scheffelmeier which is a beautiful product (here it is dirty!):

Wunderlich Extenda Fender

Finally, I installed the Wunderlich Extenda Fender. Here is a picture of how well it works in light mud, just about right I'd say, and can't imagine not having this fender extender!
The first one cracked soon after installation but the free replacement they sent has been on over 2 years now with no problems even offroad.

SW-Motech crash bar and highway footpegs

Before a Baja trip I decided to install these SW-Motech guards. My main purpose was to protect the radiator but they are called crashbars or engine guards on the site, also their description on the manufacturer's site at I got them on sale for $180. I like them because they are not too obtrusive, and I also got them simply as a place to install some highway foot pegs. They were a pretty easy install. The upper replacement bolts have big hex heads and hit me right in the knees so I covered the head with hi temp silicone to make them softer and I never notice them now.
Luckily I got the Scheff skid plate made to fit these guards so they fit fine.
Highway Pegs:
I looked long and hard for highway footpegs that were BLACK. Very hard to find at a cheap price that is. I ended up buying the Rivco model from - you buy the 3 piece black steel 1" clamps (CLMP1BK) $30 separately from the black anti-vibration highway pegs themselves (PEGSBK) $52. The clamps were not a perfect fit as the crash bar diameter is 27 mm so the 1" ones are a bit too small and the 1 1/4" is too large, so I got the 1" ones and had to bend them open a little larger to fit the curve of the tubing.
Now the highway pegs are obviously way to close to the seat to be able to stretch your legs out, but I was able to mount them in a way that they lay out flat, and I just lay the back of my riding boots on them, and they hit just above the curve of my ankles and work fine as an alternative riding position for long highway rides.
The last pic below shows the highway pegs removed.

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