Contingency Day at the 2010 Baja 500

Friday 6/4/2010 the day before the race is Contingency Day, massive amounts of local fans, official SCORE tech inspection, and rider's meeting.


The craziness of Contingency Day with tech inspection and the rider's meeting. -- 6/4/10 -- [50Mb]


Getting the race bikes ready to go (from the night before):

The bike is ready for inspection!

I'm not sure what mayhem is going on here??

Head down contingency row to get in line for tech inspection:

Here are our neighbors for the last week: George Peters' buggy, and the Team Strobel trophy truck from the Hotel Bahia compound (parking lot):

Team Big Dog in the tech inspection area, it was VERY exciting:

Finally at the official tech inspector station:

Helmet inspector station:


It is a very international race, dozens of countries. In fact there are 2 Japanese teams out of the 5 total in our class (pro class 50): Their interpreter said the 4 Z's meant catching some Z's (sleeping). (Little did they know I was putting KTM stickers on the back fenders of their Hondas during the picture, hehehe)

More trophy trucks and buggys, Larry Roeseler and others:

Big chase scene and arrest right at the entrance to our parking lot, probably petty theft. It was crazy everywhere, big fiesta day.

The crew, actually from the night before. Christy is taking the picture.

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