Team Big Dog at the 2010 Baja 500

Pro Class 50, Entry # 501x, Sponsored by Rutherford Performance Motos

also... Smokin' Joe Amsoil Lubricants

Team Riders on a 2009 KTM 530 XC-W:

Dave Rutherford, Atlanta, GA    Ed Hockensmith, Drake, CO    Marc Lee, Vail, CO

For a summary video of the entire experience, watch one of these videos (huge files, suggest you save to hard drive first, then play):

Satellite map of the race course (not shown is Ensenada at upper left):

(Official race map is this .pdf map)

Lots more details for each day:

Photos and Videos of PreRun Days preceding Race Day 2010:
Photos and Videos of Race Day 6/5/2010:
The Survivors!

Some pictures of our companion team, Team Hairball, each riding ironman and soloing in the Sportsman class > 250cc:

Official 2010 Baja 500 Race Results and news (pages simply copied from SCORE website, NOT live links): Here is a summary of checkpoint and finish times for our 3 guys, copied from the Score website official results above:
Class Place Overall Vehicle Rider Start Time Chk 1 Chk 2 Chk 3 Chk 4 Finish Time MPH Penalty (minutes)
Pro Class 50
5 159 501X David Rutherford 6:22:30 909 1331 1734 2133 24:14:50 17:52:20 24.6 HWY SPEED (1.5)
Sportsman >250cc Class
18 182 257X Jason Trimarchi 6:39:00 905 1347 1957 2447 27:22:59 20:43:59 21.2 NO PENALTY
16 180 271X Christopher Jones 6:45:30 904 1352 1955 2447 27:22:59 20:37:29 21.3 HWY SPEED (4.5)

A good time was had by all!

Random YouTube videos of 2010 Baja 500 action, mostly trucks:

Baja 500 Planning Info Leading up to Race Day 2010:

Baja / Mexico Travel and Tourism Info:

Navigation / Maps:

Files from SCORE 2009 Baja 500 site:

Good videos of 2009 Baja 500:

Random stuff: