Preride Day 1 at the 2010 Baja 500

Arrival in Ensenada and Day1 prerunning starting in Ojos Negros.


Movie from Prerun day 1 -- 5/27/10 -- [15Mb]


View from room at Hotel Bahia, the biggest frickin flag I think I've ever seen! Later learned it is 51 meters in length!!

Road to Ojos Negro to start of prerun area - awesome rocks:

Federali on machine gun guard at roadblock - maybe 1 every 50 miles or so:

Day1 prerunning from Ojos Negros, starting at Race Mile 35 to RM 95, then 40 miles back on Highway 3 to trucks.
Riding day 1 was everybody: Marc, Ed, John, Dave, and photo by Matt.

Matt's 30 oz. gas reserve in MSR fuel bottle under left side plate :) Still there so far!

Free abuse testing for dual sport mirror from Neduro (AdvRider.com) - didn't move an inch pounding through sand whoops. DoubleTakeMirror.com

Hard to show sand sections, silt and whoops, can't stop in the middle of them! But this is the most high speeed sand arroyos I've ever seen in my life!

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