Preride Day 5 at the 2010 Baja 500

Day5 prerunning Race Mile 223 to RM 323, overall a good steady section, from Hwy 3 at the turnoff to Mike's Sky Ranch west to Erendira on the beach.
Nothing treacherous but the center part RM 260 to 290 was ultra high speed over a small mountain pass back to the Pacific beach and was hardpack and loose gravel on top. If you go too fast it is difficult to find braking traction and easy to go off the road (and over the cliff :)
Because of the chase trucks having to drive a long ways we had extra time and so I tried to stop and take more pictures of the tougher sections so you could get a better idea of conditions.
There were no sand washes but you can see some pics of the treacherous ruts and if you take the wrong line you WILL PAY the piper!
Riding were Ed, Marc, John, and Matteo then over on Hwy 1 Ed traded out and Dave rode.


Movie from Prerun day 5 -- 5/31/10 -- [20Mb]


The new neighbors in the parking lot started to grow. Strobel Motorsports out of Nebraska have a big team with a trophy truck, here with a friend's buggy:

Our buddy George who does Hollywood chase scene films with a gyro car mounted steadycam system, he has a buggy:

The Big Dog team and crew Dave, John, Marc, Matteo, Ed and photo by Karol:

The little village of Heroes de la Independencia has no Pemex stations close by, so people have gas for the racers in jugs sitting on the ground in front of their homes, and also a little store:

Fast sections near Mike's Sky Ranch.

Here are good examples of typical terrain in mid speed sections near Mike's , and a look at the treacherous ruts.
A much longer section of dangerous ruts was after Uruapan around RM 370 to 390 (Day 2):

This is a major road connecting east to west for cars yet 2 bridges were completely washed out, probably in Jan. 2010 heavy rains:

Other interesting parts between RM 260 to 290:

Back on Hwy 1 at RM 289 waiting for Dave to come and switch with Ed, under olive trees next to a wine vineyard:

From Hwy 1 to the Pacific coast RM 291 to 324 at Erendira, beautiful section, a tiny bit of silt. Way fun overall:

No Dave didn't crash - just adjusting fork suspension - really!

You can see the steep rocky uphill at Erendira that we did on Day 2, the end of this days ride.

Good stuff! I love Baja!

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