Preride Day 3 at the 2010 Baja 500

Day3 prerunning Race Mile 95 to RM 196 all east of Hwy 3, a VERY big day, over the summit across the dry lakebed and through the relentless whoops.
Because of limited vehicle access it was a long stretch of 101 race miles, with 40+ miles of deep never ending sand/silt whoops at the end!!
The bikes and bodies took quite a beating. Riding were Dave, Ed, Marc and John, while it was Matteo's turn to drive a chase truck (maybe a blessing in disguise??).

Starts off with the usual pass thru the Federali checkpoint near Ojos Negros. If you are on a bike or buggy or have them in your truck you were just waved through:

Don't mess with the Federali's... Here is the "NO PHOTO" finger wag!

Started riding near RM 95 past Heroes de la Independencia:

Meanwhile the chase crew stopped in Valle la Trinidad at a most fine taqueria called El Rancho that later we found out was a perennial favorite:

Continuing to the pickup, RM 196 to 224 runs along the side of the road:

RM 196 pit location on Hwy 3, this is race checkpoint 2. In the distance you can see the Sea of Cortez on the eastern side of the Baja peninsula:

Meanwhile back on the race course, starting with a rocky climb to the summit...

Marc decided to practice his flat changing skills...

Marc decided to practice his flat changing skills... wait a minute, didn't he just do that?

A tiny oasis of gas and water in the middle of the dry lake bed:

Finally the brutality is over...
Oh sure Ed looks chipper here but you should have seen him 10 minutes, 2 Gatorades and 1 cold towel earlier...

Finally the whoop-fest was over (sorry no pics of whoops :) Let's see, 40 miles * 5280 ft/mile * 1 whoop/15ft = 14,080 whoops!!!

Throw in some talcum powder silt and oh boy, remind me, why are we here again?

Only Dave knows the caption for this one:

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