Preride Day 2 at the 2010 Baja 500

Day2 prerunning Race Mile 323 to RM 401 from west of San Vincente at ocean, to Ojos Negros.
Riding were Dave, Ed, Marc and Matteo, while it was John's turn to drive a chase truck.

View from Tortuga the breakfast place, and the Hotel Bahia front entrance:

Bicycle delivery service. You need agua? Tubes? Bananas? Just lemme know.
Started at RM 323 at the mouth of the very wide Canyon San Isidro at Erendira, on the coast W. of San Vincente.
Some idiot (me) forgot his riding pants at the hotel, but that didn't stop me - I'm not goin' down, right?

Immediately went up a major loose talus hill, a new route and very gnarly (OK when your bike is cold cuz you're the only one without an electric starter, and you leave the choke half on because your rattled and forgot your riding pants, so it dies on the steepest section! Then I have to get off and walk it and my arm gets all pumped up and... and... arrrgh!)

Here's a pic of the hill from a later ride day, from across the river valley.

Riding today are the 3 racers Ed, Dave, Marc, plus photo by Matteo:

Off in the distance is a shortcut up the hill, bypassing the road:

Although we didn't take pics of the harder sections, the section after Uruapan from RM 370 to 390 had seriously dangerous ruts with only 1 line to ride safely.

Entering the awesome rockscape near Ojos Negros:

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