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The road west from Mulege for the side loop into the mountains toward the ruins of Xmission Guadalupe. Start in Mulege and go west on the first road just on the north side of the river that runs through town. It then loops west then north up a dry wide river bed to the former mission site Guadalupe (no building remains are visible now) and Agua Caliente (not an actual village) before climbing east over a ridge and many dry river beds back to San Jose de Magdalena and hits Hwy 1 about 20 miles north of Mulege. No gas outside of Mulege (other than begging the very few locals you can find).

This entire loop is dirt and you need decent ground clearance and full knobby tires or at least 50/50. For a true dual sport / adventure bike and not a more capable plated dirt bike, I'd rate most of this as easy, about 1/3 of it as medium difficulty and some of it difficult through some dry river rock sections, though none of it is single track by any means. It is all a fairly well traveled road by locals so when it follows dry river stream beds the tracks are well packed and not that difficult. Steep sections have been concreted by the locals so nothing super hard (but steep), main challenges due to some very short rocky sections near dry river beds. If you are experienced I'd say it would be fine on a 950 adventure with 50/50 tires.

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