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'07 BMW G650 XCountry

Mod: Replace license plate light with bright LED auxiliary brake light and LED license plate bolts:

One of my first mods was a safety mod to mount the extra bright Whelen LIN3 LED light as an auxiliary brake light.
Cost was $52 from
This light is made for emergency vehicles, and it is much brighter than the stock brake light.
This is exactly like what AdvRider Drone has reviewed, except my mounting is different.

It is mounted in the space that the bulky license plate light was in originally.
So first I cut the plastic license plate holder in half. I removed the old license plate light portion (on the right), and kept the license plate light portion (on the left).

Then I mounted the LED brake light into this space and wired it to the brake light wire, which I tapped into underneath the seat using a Posi-Tap connector.

To achieve a light for the license plate, I used 2 LED license plate bolt lights from, but just look on ebay for "led license bolt".
They are a pain to wire up however, as the nut to hold them on must go over the wires before they are soldered.

Now at this point I removed the big bulky mud flap since I live in a dry area, so I removed it (big mistake!).
At this point the rear fender looked like this:

The problem is that when I removed the big mud flap this exposed a sharp edge for the rear knobby tire to grab onto.
I fixed this by installing rear fender support arms (see the Rear Fender Support mod), and by putting the mud flap back on, and by buying a better shock!


Here is a little video that tries to show the brightness of the aux brake light. Is it difficult to see but better than nothing.

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